Alkaline aroma

REDRÉSS is a exclusive perfume with alkaline aroma based in citrus notes, are energizing our sensations with a positive effect in our mood and compensate you during your activities.


REDRÉSS has a very strong emotional power with a mystic touch of Sandalwood & Jasmine heart notes. This exotic mix dominated on the skin multiplies an aromatic spectrum in innumerable facets:

Why REDRÉSS was created?

Renatta Pruneda fashion designer is distinguished for her high fashion to empower women with strong and defined personalities and she got the idea to make a special perfume as a final touch of your look to achieve your goals.

Some people think that people with big personalities are difficult to be around because you challenge other people to be the best version of themselves. If this is what being difficult is like, then you already know that it is best to just keep being you… for inspiring people.

Your natural person with a fantastic design of  Renatta Pruneda couture and now with our aroma Redréss makes your outside looks like you are and feel and that attracts people to you, conquer them with love at first sight! With the positive smell and sight senses, people need people like you around.

REDRÉSS  is a perfume with many details like never before have to exist, we can say that this is a real COUTURE Parfum, as the feminity symbol, the flower in the Japanese  Kanzashi technique with the logo with crystals embedded.
In  the bottle has  Swarovski crystals, these are a meaning of  the  “Beauty on the Outside and the Inside.”

Our fashion film campaign "WOMEN HAVE DREAMS, TOO"