My history


Many designers can follow the fashion trends, but only the best amongst them can actually create them. Renatta Pruneda is one of them – born in Mexico City, she started her career in fashion as a participant in beauty peagants.

She won the prestigious Miss Puebla contest in 1989, when she was only 18 years old. Her victory allowed her to participate in the Miss Mexico Beauty Contest and led her towards her way into the world of fashion.

Renatta began working as a Fashion Design coordinator in Mexico City to follow her dream to become a leading name in the fashion world. Her incredible taste, for ther attention to detail and personal style,  quickly won  a wide network of satisfied customers. It wasn’t long until Renatta Pruneda opened her first Haute Couture Atelier and started sponsoring the evening dresses for prestigious events, such as the Miss Mexico Beauty Contest.

Her designs are a unique combination of the fierce temperament of Mexico,  its soft, romantic side. Renatta Pruneda’s elegant dresses speak of both extravagance and sophistication and quickly become a favorite choice for a variety of celebrities, including the First Lady of Mexico. Numerous ladies from the Diplomatic world, including wives of politicians and ambassadors, are proud owners of Renatta Pruneda’s designs as well. Renatta was also the exclusive designer for Palacio de Hierro and a variety of other boutiques in Mexico.

Her extraordinary creative clothes for every shape, size and style have already conquered Mexico City and won the designer several TV-shows appearances. A well-known and loved name in the Mexican fashion world, Renatta is now  expanding and conquer the European fashion world as well. Inspired by Europe’s rich history and cultural diversity, she is excited to blend her unique style and imaginative designs with the traditions of the oldest continent.


Renatta pruneda